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NoVo’s communication director to step down

25 January 2020

Dear friends and colleagues,

We are writing to share that, after five years of service at NoVo, Joe Voeller has stepped down from his role as the foundation’s Communication Director. 

Joe will truly be missed, but his compassion and heartfelt devotion to justice will continue to inspire us. We are deeply grateful for his unyielding service and leadership, his strategic vision, his creativity and empathetic, humorous spirit, and the relationships he forged with staff, grantee partners, media and community leaders. He leaves an indelible legacy.

Joe began his tenure at NoVo after more than 10 years at the Ford Foundation, where he advanced communications efforts in areas such as economic justice, the rights of Indigenous People, climate change and HIV/AIDS. At NoVo, Joe helped build the foundation’s first-ever communications function, partnering across the foundation to design and implement breakthrough communications strategies that advanced NoVo’s mission and uplifted the work and voices of our partners. 

Joe’s invaluable expertise and brilliance, rooted deeply in NoVo’s values, played a crucial role in  NoVo’s collaborative projects, extending the reach and impact of the foundation’s call for transformative change. Throughout all of his efforts, Joe advocated for communications to be in service to those who sit at the frontlines of oppression, centering their vision and leadership along with grassroots innovation and strategies needed for global transformation. He was a respected and valued colleague across all our initiatives.

As Joe transitions to the next phase of his life’s work, all communications requests and inquiries can be sent to Keith Brooks, NoVo’s Communications Associate. We wholeheartedly wish Joe all the best in his transition are excited for his work ahead.

With gratitude,
Jennifer and Peter Buffett