Updates from NoVo

NoVo is fasting for Immigration Reform!

Today a group of staff from the NoVo Foundation will be joining over 5,000 women in collective action to fast for comprehensive immigration reform. As part of We Belong Together’s month-long series of fasts to demand immigration reform that keeps families together and treats women fairly, NoVo is proud to stand in solidarity with the National Domestic Workers Alliance, National Asian Pacific American Women’s Forum, and 50 other women’s organizations.

The Women’s Fast for Families is part of the next push to bring a comprehensive immigration law to the finish line and stop the family-rupturing epidemic of deportations. Women and children make up ¾ of all immigrations, and an overwhelming majority of women (nearly 70%) support immigration reform with a pathway to citizenship.

As a foundation we are committed to building a world in which girls and women everywhere are safe and empowered. Comprehensive immigration reform is not only necessary to ensuring that girls and women are free from violence and fear of deportation, but is also critical to ensuring that families and communities throughout the nation can succeed and thrive.

To find out more about immigration reform and the Women’s Fast for Families, please visit our partner, We Belong Together: http://www.webelongtogether.org/fast