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NoVo Announces New Executive Director

25 April 2014
We are excited to announce this week that Pamela Shifman has stepped into the role of Executive Director of the NoVo Foundation.

For the past six years, Pamela Shifman has led the Foundation’s Initiatives for Girls and Women. Pamela’s leadership has touched every aspect of the Foundation’s work—from the launch of NoVo’s Move to End Violence Program, to the Foundation’s steadfast commitment to promoting economic justice for women and supporting the most marginalized girls around the world.

“We are thrilled to have Pamela step into this new leadership role at the Foundation. As we enter our eighth year, we have a new appreciation for the deep interconnection between all areas of our work, and are excited to have Pamela with us at the helm, “ said Jennifer and Peter Buffett, Co-Presidents of the NoVo Foundation.

Pamela joined the NoVo Foundation after a career advocating for the human rights of girls and women at the United Nations, as the Co-Executive Director of Equality Now and as a Legal Advisor to the African National Congress Parliamentary Women’s Caucus in South Africa. Pamela’s full bio can be found here.

The NoVo Foundation will continue to strive towards transformative philanthropic practices with a commitment to implement funding strategies that address underlying systems of domination, extraction, and transaction.