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Move to End Violence Searches for Next Cohort

Move to End Violence (MEV), a 10-year program of the NoVo Foundation, is designed to strengthen our collective capacity to end violence against girls and women in the United States.

Move to End Violence grew out of the NoVo Foundation’s refusal to accept a world fueled by domination and exploitation. It’s a bold commitment to invest in the social transformation necessary to create a world without violence against girls and women.

Creating social change of this magnitude will require an effective movement, made up of well-resourced leaders, from strong organizations, working strategically toward a common vision. To this end, every two years, the NoVo Foundation opens up an application cycle to select a group of inspired individuals – Movement Makers— who are committed to ending violence against girls and women in the United Stated. Once selected, these individuals (a group of 15-20) participate in a two-year intensive program which includes a series of in-person convenings as well as intersession work.

The application for Move to End Violence closed on July 11th. We are now in the process of reviewing applications and conducting interviews. We will announce the next cohort of Movement Makers by the end of October. Be sure to sign up to receive updates from Move to End Violence at www.movetoendviolence.org