Strategic Approach

All of our work is grounded in the belief that challenges and solutions come from the same place, and that local residents are the best experts of the communities they call home. We center the lived experience and leadership of women, low-income communities, people of color, and others facing marginalization and injustice and trust in them to create their own solutions for a more just and balanced world.

Every day, our partners are imagining local alternatives to the deeply-rooted patterns of racism, patriarchy and greed that sever the basic fabric of our communities and threaten our future. United by a shared sense of service, belonging, and connection to place, these leaders are re-discovering and re-drawing on local resources in harmony with nature, and are boldly re-centering community as the nexus for transformational change.

In an effort to model what becomes possible when people put community first, we are helping to incubate local efforts in Kingston, New York by supporting such projects as the Hudson Valley Farm Hub, Radio Kingston, the Good Works Institute, and many others. We also support organizations, such as Family of Woodstock, The Community Foundations of the Hudson Valley, and the YMCA of Kingston, that serve as long-term local anchors for community building. To deepen the collective potential of this work, we are investing in regional and national learning partnerships, through such organizations as Center for Economic Democracy and the People’s Action Institute. Finally, we are supporting transformative work in the U.S. South, through organizations like the Highlander Center and Cooperation Jackson, where residents are building new paradigms for community wealth and equity based on principles of cooperation, solidarity and democracy.