Supporting Thriving
Local Communities

We believe that a world based in domination and exploitation is often due to humanity’s many forms of disconnection—from self, one another, and place. By creating conditions for the emergence of vibrant, equitable and joyful local communities, we seek to support radical change from the ground up. When residents have an opportunity to rebuild living networks of common
meaning and purpose, harmful patterns of extraction and division give way to serendipitous connection and creation, giving life to fundamentally new and local forms of cooperation, culture, equity and possibility.

Our Strategic Approach

All of our work is grounded in the belief that challenges and solutions come from the same place, and that local residents are the best experts of the communities they call home. We center the lived experience and leadership of women, low-income communities, people of color, and others facing marginalization and injustice and trust in them to create their own solutions for a more just and balanced world.


Farm to Institution NYS (FINYS); Connecting Farms to Food Service across the State


NoVo in the Media

Kingston radio station dedicated to a “vibrant, just and healthy” city

7 Aug, 2017

KINGSTON, N.Y. — A nonprofit organization called Radio Kingston Corp. is buying WKNY-AM 1490 from Townsquare Media and launching a commercial-free […]

“When separate, local efforts connect with each other as networks, then strengthen as communities of practice, suddenly and surprisingly a new system emerges at a greater level of scale. And the system that emerges always possesses greater power and influence than is possible through planned, incremental change.Emergence is how life creates radical change and takes things to scale.”

Margaret Wheatley and Deborah Frieze