Violence Against Girls, Women and the Earth

One hundred years ago, Chief Seattle, a Dkhw’Duw’Absh leader said, “What befalls the Earth, befalls the People of the Earth.” Industrial society has taken on a predator-prey relationship with the Earth just as it has taken on a predator-prey relationship with Indigenous girls and women. Indigenous communities, including women, have been stripped of self-determination, the right to make decisions about their land, their communities, and their bodies.

7th Gen Fund_002womenDirect and indirect cultural and physical genocidal strategies carried out against Indigenous peoples have greatly contributed to the environmental crisis we now face paralleled with epidemic rates of sexual violence, addiction, and attacks against Native girls’ and women’s sanctity, bodies, communities, and lands.

Our Approach

We look to communities themselves to determine their own solutions in moving forward. We partner with Indigenous women and their communities to enact strong community based change, and work towards empowerment. We aim to center Indigenous women in our analysis and as the leaders of our strategy, and we support their efforts to address the root causes of violence against Indigenous girls and women.