Leadership of Indigenous Girls and Women

Colonialism explicitly excluded women from most forms of power. Just as women’s power was systematically eradicated from both culture and history, so was the concept of gender equity.

7th Gen Fund_004WomenfA field of Indigenous female-centered activism and leadership is already emerging. Indigenous women now continue a tradition of leadership that existed before colonization and in spite of a system that has made every attempt to prevent them from having power.

Our Approach

Our work has been deeply informed by convenings of Indigenous women elders, where we have sought to honor their ancestral knowledge while also lifting up their matriarchal roles in their various communities. With women elders at the center, we have been pursuing a process of listening and learning to understand how we can best support this area of our work and advance new leadership opportunities for Indigenous girls and women.

As part of this work, NoVo is deeply honored to have supported the birth and launch of Spirit Aligned, a leadership program that works to elevate the lives, voices and dreams of Indigenous elder women who are working to heal, strengthen and restore the balance of Indigenous communities.

The core intent of this work is described in the words of Jennifer Buffett: “…so that what lives deep within our Indigenous girls and women and Mother Earth can connect and come forth now in these extremely critical times…”

To learn more about the program and opportunities to apply, visit www.spiritaligned.org.