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Indigenous Communities
in North America

Indigenous organizations throughout North America are developing new ways to address centuries-old systems of oppression, colonization, and historical trauma. By lifting up community strengths and drawing on alternative models of leadership and organizing, a 21st Century intergenerational movement is pointing the way toward transformative change that is deeply rooted in Indigenous thinking and ways of life.

Our Strategic Approach

Across every aspect of our initiative, we look to Indigenous communities themselves to determine their own priorities for the future. We center Indigenous leaders, particularly women, in our analysis and as the leaders of our strategy. Across five interrelated focus areas, we seek to help restore and strengthen Indigenous knowledge and life-ways as potentially transformative in addressing some of the world’s—and similarly, some of Indigenous communities’—most pressing challenges.

NOTE: We are no longer seeking letters of inquiry for this initiative, but please check our website at a later date as other opportunities may be posted in the future.


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Watch: Our Work with Indigenous Communities in North America

17 May, 2016

Our work with Indigenous Communities in North America is essential to our mission of building a more just and balanced […]

In Canada, Indigenous women are

4.5 times

more likely to be murdered than other women.

Royal Canadian Mounted Police