Stephanie Hartka

Stephanie Hartka, smiling, standing in front of a wooden bookcase and a egg blue colored wall.Stephanie Hartka serves as program officer for Initiatives. She holds a range of grantmaking and emergent projects, primarily supporting the Senior Director and Co-Presidents. Since joining NoVo in 2014, Stephanie has co-created grantmaking programs and gatherings across the Foundation’s work, most closely collaborating and weaving between the Indigenous Communities, Local Communities, and SEL/education Initiatives.

Prior to NoVo, Stephanie served at the Tides Foundation as a philanthropic advisor supporting the Indigenous People’s Fund grantmaking, along with an array of fiscal sponsorship administration for social justice organizations. Additionally, Stephanie served as the program manager for the Colin Higgins Foundation’s annual Youth Courage Awards program, which awards LGBTQ+ teens for their activism and courage.

Stephanie graduated from Goddard College with a BA in Individualized Studies, focusing on nonfiction creative writing, cultural anthropology, and visual art. Ever an experiential learner and artist, she spent her college years learning through service opportunities, art projects, and place-based social justice studies in Latin America. In 2010, she supported a community-led education and ecology initiative in an off-grid Achuar community in Amazonian Ecuador, where she lived as a volunteer educator for six months.

Stephanie spends her spare time pursuing her ongoing study and practice of various holistic healing modalities including herbal and folk medicine and reiki. She can otherwise be found in women’s circles, exploring creeks and woodlands in the Hudson Valley, cooking meals with her large extended family, and traveling with her husband.

“You may say I’m a dreamer, but I’m not the only one, I hope someday you’ll join us, and the world will be as one”. –John Lennon