Hester Dillon


Hester Dillon serves as program officer for Indigenous Communities.

A citizen of the Cherokee Nation and originally from Oklahoma, Hester studied Native American Studies and English at the University of Montana and Law at the University of Arizona. She worked for nearly four years as a grant writer at the Karuk Tribe, securing funds to support Tribal programs and services.  Hester also tutored GED students at the Hoopa Valley Tribe’s Even Start Program. She later worked independently as a grant writer and for a Native non-profit to secure funds to support legal advocacy for Tribal sovereignty and Indigenous human rights issues.

Hester was a regional supervising attorney for the Keepseagle v. Vilsack Settlement, managing claims on fifteen Indian reservations in Montana, Wyoming, Idaho, Oregon, and Washington State. She lives in southwest Montana.

Hester likes to spend time outside and write poetry.

“Take care how you place your moccasins upon the Earth, step with care, for the faces of the future generations are looking up from the Earth waiting their turn for life.” —Wilma Mankiller