Ebony Lawson

Ebony serves as Office Manager at NoVo, where she is responsible for the daily hands-on management of the New York City office, including the oversight and supervision of front desk receptionists and providing supervision and guidance to the Administrative Coordinators across the foundation.

From 2010-2017, she was operations manager for the Working Women Re-Entry program at Hour Children, an innovative nonprofit organization that provides comprehensive services to incarcerated and formerly-incarcerated women and their families. From planning job training programs, to managing evaluation efforts, to developing operational protocols and information management systems, Ebony played a central role in all aspects of the program’s operations and growth.

Ebony also brings years of experience from the private sector, where she worked in various capacities as a client services professional.

Her passion for the rights of girls and women is coupled with a passion for technology, and Ebony can often be found testing out the latest tech tools, applications and programs. Through it all, she loves spending time with her daughter and exploring the city together.

“… it is the most militant, most radical intervention anyone can make to not only speak of love, but to engage in the practice of love. Anytime we do the work of love we are doing the work of ending domination.” — bell hooks