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Novo Foundation Launches New Website and Film Series,The Life Story: Moments of Change

The Life Story: Moments of Change can be found at

“This project is grounded in our longstanding work to end violence against girls and women. It is guided at every step by our respect for lived experience, and our deep commitment to centering the perspectives of the most marginalized girls and women, including girls and women of color, trans, immigrant and Indigenous girls and women.

For these girls and women, life is often marked by moments when systems fail them and their communities. And for too many, these failures lead to greater vulnerability to violence — including the violence of sexual exploitation.

The Life Story elevates the voices and hopes of survivors who were exposed to harm in school, foster care, housing, health care, law enforcement and other systems, who experienced intergenerational violence and trauma, and whose paths led to sexual exploitation. It shares the realities for women in the sex trade in the U.S. and highlights the opportunities they see for change — to end oppression for all girls and women, and to shrink the sex trade so that fewer people are harmed.

The Life Story is a space to hear, see and explore these abundant possibilities, embedded across all social justice work. Learn more by visiting the website.”