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Fund for Trans Generations Announces Second Round of Grantees

Borealis Philanthropy is excited to announce the second round of grants for the Fund for Trans Generations (FTG.) We are thrilled to provide grants of $15,000 to more than 10 trans-led groups across the U.S.

One of the FTG’s guiding principles is to sustainably support groups with limited access to resources. In its second year of grantmaking, FTG prioritized proposals from and awarded grants to organizations with budgets of $200,000 or less. Ten of the grantee organizations have budgets under $50,000. ­­­­

“The Arcus Foundation is proud to partner with the NoVo Foundation and Anonymous Donors to support trans-led organizing across the country,” said Jason McGill, Co-Executive Director at the Arcus Foundation. “Trusting the leadership of trans and gender non-conforming people means investing in their work, and our collaboration as funders and partnership with Borealis Philanthropy allows us to increase the resources going to these groups engaged in critical and necessary on-the-ground organizing.

Our grantees represent a cross-section of the diverse trans-led work happening on the local, state, regional, and national levels. In this round of grantmaking, grantees identified health, education, healing justice, and anti-violence as priority issues.

FTG grantees include organizations led by and/or serving communities that have historically been excluded from national funding, including trans people who are: girls and women, youth of color, rural activists, people with disabilities, from indigenous groups, elders, incarcerated and/or formerly incarcerated.

“Amid a continued rise of violence against trans women, especially trans women of color, we remain deeply committed to supporting transformative, trans-led work for deep social change. Each of these new grantee recipients is a testament to the power of what’s possible when trans people are supported to lead our way to a safer and more just world,” said Pamela Shifman, executive director of the NoVo Foundation.

The FTG grant recipients are:

Launched in 2016, the FTG works in solidarity with activists and organizations for a future where trans people live with freedom, safety, self-determination, and participation in public and social institutions, and are recognized, valued and supported by families, communities and society.

As part of the grantmaking process, the FTG has an Advisory Committee of 4 trans and gender non-conforming organizers, activists, and leaders from across the U.S. This committee reviewed each proposal to help the FTG determine which organizations to recommend for a grant.

“Working with a committee composed of trans and gender non-conforming people to offer input on the grantmaking process for trans-led organizations has been a powerful and affirming experience,” said Advisory Committee member Fabian Romero. “Too often, decisions about who receives funding to advance the safety, security, and rights of trans people do not meaningfully include people connected to the trans community. Centering the voices of trans and gender non-conforming people in the selection process ensures that resources go to groups doing impactful and bold work.”

The FTG is a grantmaking initiative of Anonymous Donors, Arcus Foundation, and NoVo Foundation. For more information about the FTG, please visit the Fund’s page on the Borealis website. The FTG also houses a “Rapid Response” fund for groups responding to unanticipated events and strategic opportunities. Download the FTG Rapid Response FAQ for details.

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