NoVo in the Media

Buffett charity commits to aiding young women of color, to tune of $90 million

17 April 2017
BY Steve Jordon
PUBLISHED IN Omaha World-Herald

A Buffett family foundation is focusing more support on local and regional groups that battle “the deep systemic, societal and institutional challenges” faced by girls and young women of color.

The NoVo Foundation of New York City, headed by Warren Buffett’s younger son, Peter, and his wife, Jennifer, last week outlined the grant-making strategy of its $90 million, seven-year effort to change the lives of women of color.

The foundation is accepting “letters of inquiry” from community organizations that work directly with girls to learn more about what is happening across the country. When a group’s work fits NoVo’s goals, a grant proposal can follow from local, regional and national groups.

Compared with white girls, NoVo said, girls of color are more likely to grow up in poverty, suffer sexual abuse and harassment, experience dating violence, be suspended from school or be murdered.

Over the past year, NoVo said, its staffers met with more than 300 girls in Michigan, Ohio, Tennessee, Mississippi, New Mexico, Alabama and Georgia, “regions in the country that have remained largely isolated from philanthropic attention and from the chance to engage in national conversations on gender and racial justice.”

“We believe that girls of color are experts in their own lives and wield immense power to transform their communities and the country,” the Buffetts said in a press release.