News From The Field

Social & Emotional Learning: Looking Back, Aiming Forward

Social emotional learning (SEL) holds great potential for improving learning and college and career-ready outcomes for all students. But there is much work to do to ensure that high-quality, integrated SEL is present in a meaningful and asset-based manner in all schools. How should funders and other SEL supporters invest their resources to make the greatest impact?

Our partner Education First has created a short presentation that is intended to help make those decisions easier. After laying out a thorough analysis of the state of the SEL field, it offers recommendations to help partners scale, deepen and integrate SEL for all students, focusing on the following areas:

  • Teacher practice focused on SEL
  • SEL in districts  and charter management organizations
  • SEL in federal and state policy
  • Research on SEL
  • Funder investments in SEL

We hope that this will be a helpful resource to all who are working to help SEL fulfill its promise for students.

Download a copy here.