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New Report: Survey shows strong SEL support among principals, need for further implementation

Cover of "Ready to Lead" report; "Ready to Lead" in yellow letters and white text below on a blue background with a translucent stripe going across diagonally, with photos of a woman with a child and a group of students.

As the case for social and emotional learning (SEL) continues to grow rapidly across the United States, principals and administrators are becoming aware of how critical it is to the development and success of students, although the push for further implementation remains a challenge.

This report, authored by our partners the Collaborative for Academic Social and Emotional Learning, along with Civic Enterprises and Hart Research Associates, reveals findings from a recent survey of nearly 900 principals, educational leaders and practitioners demonstrating broad support for SEL and its benefits and the need for resources and tools to help them fully implement SEL initiatives that can improve students’ academic success and their futures outside of the classroom.

Findings from the principal survey are presented in four major areas: (1) Attitudes about SEL, (2) SEL implementation, (3) The path to increased SEL, and (4) Assessing SEL. This report combines these findings with SEL research from the past two decades to offer an understanding of how SEL is perceived by school and district leaders and where we stand in terms of systemic, school-wide implementation and assessment. Results are supported by findings from an earlier 2013 teacher survey, and case studies from school districts implementing social and emotional learning district-wide. The report also outlines recommendations on how to advance SEL systemically in schools nationwide through enhanced research, training, and evaluation.

To read the full report, download a copy here.