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Lessons from Humanizing Schooling: Moving at the Speed of Trust

22 November 2019
BY Nate Mullen and Erin Allen, People in Education



This piece is part of the NoVo Foundation’s Radical Hope Blog Series, a platform for social justice movement leaders from around the world to share learning and insights, hear what’s working and what’s not, build solidarity, and spark opportunities for collaboration. Amid daily headlines of division, this blog series is intended to serve as an active and dynamic beacon of hope, possibility, connection, and healing.

Humanizing Schooling

It’s no secret that locally and nationally our school systems are in a state of crisis. As test scores, graduation rates and enrollment drop, schools are defunded and dismantled — in Detroit, more than 150 schools have closed since 2006. This overwhelmingly affects low-income students of color, who are 92% of public school students in Detroit. Policy-making and public discourse address only the financial and political dimensions of this crisis, creating “solutions” that are incomplete at best.

Meanwhile, People in Education asks: what should be the purpose of education? We contextualize this question within the multiplying crises facing not only Detroit, but the planet as a whole. What are humanizing learning environments, and what would a school system that is relevant to the lives and relationships of all people in education require? People in Education — a partner in the Create, Connect and Transform (CCT) collaborative supported by the Radical Hope Fund — seeks to humanize schooling by facilitating space for connection, curiosity and reflection…

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