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Apply to be a Movement Maker!

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Move to End Violence is seeking our fourth cohort of Movement Makers!

This cohort will join the growing community of Movement Makers (learn more about Cohorts 1, 2, and 3) working to strengthen the U.S.-based movement to end violence against all girls and women.

Through convenings, workshops, skills trainings, coaching, and a community of fellow Movement Makers and allies, participants in the fourth cohort will have a unique and transformational opportunity to powerfully contribute to a movement for social change.

Are you interested in becoming a Movement Maker?

We are looking for individuals who are hungry to explore what is needed as leaders, organizations, and as a movement in order to have great impact and who want to begin that transformation now. This group will explore intersecting forms of oppression in our lives and work and will aspire to build a movement that is committed to racial equity as an element of gender justice and committed to ending racism as a form of violence against girls and women.

Movement Makers will work collaboratively with alumni and allies – to build a strong community of change-makers with deep relationships, a shared sense of the horizon, and the commitment to moving forward together to end violence against all girls and women.

In the fourth cohort, we’ll accept 20 Movement Makers for this intensive commitment.

The application phase for the fourth cohort of Movement Makers will be open until 4 p.m. ET June 15, 2017. You can access the online application here.