How has NoVo leveraged partnerships with other non-profits, governments, or private sector institutions to maximize impact?

22 June 2012

NoVo puts a premium on partnerships because we believe that collaboration is the only way to create lasting social change. We work closely with organizations from every sector, seeking out new voices and unique approaches.

Just a few examples: NoVo partnered with the government of Liberia and several peer foundations to support a Liberian Philanthropic Secretariat; NoVo partners with respected researchers and thinkers at the Collaborative for Academic, Social and Emotional Learning (CASEL) on a social and emotional learning scaling initiative in the United States; NoVo’s partnership with Rockefeller Family Fund leverages our common interests in uplifting girls and women through economic empowerment by supporting grassroots organizations and campaigns to help ease the conflict between work and family responsibilities—one of the many reasons for women’s economic inequality in America today; and NoVo works closely with the Nike Foundation in advancing the Girl Effect.