Economic Justice

Achieving Economic Justice for Girls and Women

Women all over the world are important drivers of local and global economies. From agriculture, to home healthcare, to factory work, women comprise a critical part of the workforce. They carry out this work while also juggling childcare and other domestic responsibilities.
Photo: Women Demonstrating for Economic Justice

Women Demonstrating for Economic Justice

Yet so often their contributions are made invisible and are unrecognized by society as valuable and critical to so many other parts of a thriving economy. Instead, women disproportionately struggle with poverty.

According to estimates, women represent 70 percent of the world’s poor.1 In the United States women are also at an economic disadvantage and are more likely to live in poverty than their male counterparts. In 2010, the “extreme poverty rate” for women in the United States was the highest ever recorded. A 2011 study reported that 40 percent of women who are the head of their household live in poverty, and the numbers were even more alarming amongst communities of color.2

NoVo Foundation recognizes that violence against girls and women is directly linked to economic vulnerability. Economic vulnerability enables exploitation by employers, family members, and others in their communities. It is also a reason why girls and women are unable to escape violence and build stable and secure environments for themselves and their families.

To truly transform our current social paradigm, we must bring an end to the multiple and interconnected vulnerabilities that girls and women experience. NoVo Foundation therefore makes a few, targeted grants in the area of achieving economic justice for girls and women.

We invest in partners whose work focuses on modernizing policies related to work and family within the United States. We also support efforts to secure greater economic opportunities, holistic labor policies, and citizenship protection for immigrant and low-income women workers.

Rockefeller Family Fund logoA key partner in this work is the Rockefeller Family Fund’s (RFF) Economic Justice for Women program. Our partnership with RFF leverages our common interests in uplifting girls and women through economic empowerment. Together we support grassroots organizations and campaigns to help ease the conflict between work and family responsibilities – one of the many reasons for women’s economic inequality in America today.

Photo of DemonstrationWe also partner with organizations, such as Domestic Workers United and the National Domestic Workers Alliance (NDWA), that mobilize domestic workers. These organizations help make visible the critical—yet often unrecognized—work of this labor sector. NoVo also supports the innovative Caring Across Generations campaign that is co-led by NDWA and Jobs with Justice. This campaign seeks to build a movement for quality care and support, and a dignified quality of life for all Americans, across generations.



2 Poverty Among Women and Families, 2000–2010: Extreme Poverty Reaches Record Levels as Congress Faces Critical Choices, National Women’s Law Center. September 2011.