Strategic Approach

At NoVo Foundation we seek to eliminate violence rather than alleviate its effects or lessen its incidence.

Our work mainly focuses on achieving long-term policy and cultural change, and building the leadership of the most impacted communities. This movement building posture is reflected in each of our four priority areas, which include:

Anti-Violence photoWhile the foundation has a strategic focus within each of these four areas, we see work between them as interconnected and mutually supportive. We cannot end one type of violence or focus on one part of the world without seeing the connections to other geographic and issue areas. Together with our grantee partners, we aim for our work to have a wide reach and to help achieve a fundamental shift in communities and across nations. We are committed to addressing violence both overseas in some of the most challenging parts of the world, and within communities here in the United States.

Because NoVo Foundation is dedicated to creating a deep transformation in society, we support work that addresses the roots causes of violence against girls and women. We recognize that tackling systemic inequalities will require large-scale movements working for social change, and that these efforts need time to grow and strengthen.

NoVo provides support to partners working at the grassroots and community levels in order to create long-term social change. Our grantees work to:

  • Shift social and cultural norms, including engaging men and boys in partnership with girls and women to end violence;
  • Shape policy and legal frameworks, often via survivor leadership in order to raise awareness on the impact of violence on individuals and communities;
  • Empower girls and women, with a focus on those most vulnerable to violence and those who have already been exploited;
  • Strengthen communications and community-organizing efforts, while also integrating them with related social change work; and
  • Expand research efforts to more effectively inform decision-makers.