Learn More and Take Action

We at NoVo Foundation are deploying our resources to embolden a positive vision of a more peaceful and safe world free from exploitation, destruction and violence. We invite you to explore ways that you can be part of that vision.
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    Empowering Adolescent Girls

    NoVo is committed to reaching the most invisible girls in the places where they face extreme hardship.

    Given the opportunity, girls living in poverty are uniquely capable of changing their lives and the lives of their brothers, sisters, communities and countries for the better. Their lives will determine our future.

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    Ending Violence against Girls and Women

    Social transformation will take many of us working together.

    We’re always saying, “If all the world’s problems could be solved with money they would have been solved already.” It will take a coalition of activists, advocates, and allies committed to ending violence against girls and women. Here are some ways for you to get started.

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    Advancing Social and Emotional Learning

    Comprehensive education reform will take all of us—parents, policymakers, researchers, and advocates.
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    Promoting Local Living Economies

    Support your local businesses, farmers markets, and food cooperatives.

    A growing body of research confirms the value to communities of their locally owned businesses, the importance of choosing local first, and the impact of Local First campaigns on the economic health of communities.