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    How has NoVo leveraged partnerships with other non-profits, governments, or private sector institutions to maximize impact?

    NoVo puts a premium on partnerships because we believe that collaboration is the only way to create lasting social change. We work closely with organizations from every sector, seeking out new voices and unique approaches.

    Just a few examples: NoVo partnered with the government of Liberia and several peer foundations to support a Liberian Philanthropic Secretariat; NoVo partners with respected researchers and thinkers at the Collaborative for Academic, Social and Emotional Learning (CASEL) on a social and emotional learning scaling initiative in the United States; NoVo’s partnership with Rockefeller Family Fund leverages our common interests in uplifting girls and women through economic empowerment by supporting grassroots organizations and campaigns to help ease the conflict between work and family responsibilities—one of the many reasons for women’s economic inequality in America today; and NoVo works closely with the Nike Foundation in advancing the Girl Effect.

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    How does NoVo monitor and evaluate its grantees?

    NoVo works with organizations that address challenging and complex social issues. We are impact-driven and we understand that our vision of a more just and balanced world requires a long-term commitment. We measure success by identifying meaningful milestones along the path to lasting social change and provide supportive partnership as well-defined work unfolds and evolves. We also work with grantees to evaluate what they need to carry out their work and how they can make progress toward our mutual efforts.

    In some instances, we work with outside evaluators to assess the progress of our grantee partners, especially as it might relate to NoVo’s overall mission and objectives. We also offer support to several grantee partners to evaluate their own advocacy and organizing work.

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    Can our organization receive funding from NoVo Foundation?

    NoVo has dedicated itself to a few very targeted initiatives focused on empowering adolescent girls, ending violence against girls and women, advancing social and emotional learning, supporting Indigenous Communities, and promoting local living economies. Over the next few years, we are working with a strategic set of partners around these initiatives and therefore are not accepting additional requests for funding.

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    Why doesn’t NoVo accept unsolicited proposals?

    Unfortunately we have to make tough choices and are not able to fund all the organizations doing critically important work. Instead, we work in close consultation with experts, thought leaders, and people at the grass roots whose deep knowledge we can draw upon to make our funding choices. Therefore, we do not accept unsolicited proposals for funding. We believe that by funding in strategic ways that build capacity and impact, we can attract more resources. We seek to accomplish our mission by supporting grantees that take on complex social issues and aim to eliminate injustices, not just alleviate them.

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    I do not want to submit a proposal, but I would like to tell NoVo about my organization’s work. How can I do this?

    NoVo is always interested in learning about new and innovative approaches to the issues upon which we are focused. If you wish to communicate about your organization, please do so through the Contact Us page.

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    How large is the Foundation?

    We have a small, close-knit core staff of dedicated and knowledgeable people and utilize consultants and intermediaries where appropriate. This structure allows us to stay nimble and responsive to our grantees, and maximize the Foundation’s financial assets without compromising the effectiveness of our mission.

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    What is NoVo’s relationship with Move to End Violence?

    Move to End Violence is an operational program of NoVo Foundation designed to strengthen the movement to end violence against girls and women in the United States. To learn more about the goals and work of Move to End Violence, please go to the section A U.S. Movement and visit the Move to End Violence website.