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Established in 2006, the NoVo Foundation supports initiatives that promote a holistic, interconnected and healing vision for humanity.

As a country, we find ourselves in the most unstable time since the Civil War. Current and historically marginalized and oppressed populations in this country (and around the world) are in ever more precarious positions with no indication that circumstances will be improving.

After over eighteen years of learning and over 2.1 billion dollars invested, unfortunately, this reality is not surprising. The collapse we have been expecting is surely underway. And, as is always the case, marginalized communities will bear the brunt. We will continue to support these communities as they undertake the complex work of reimagining and rebuilding the world they’ve hoped to see for generations.

Pre-construction. Working on solutions now so old patterns of power can’t, once again, re-form to rebuild and continue to repress.


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