Promoting Local
Living Economies

We believe that a world based in domination and exploitation is often due to humanity’s many forms of disconnection—from self, one another, and place. By promoting healthy and sustainable local living economies based on mutual trust and interconnectedness, we seek to create communities that provide secure and fulfilling livelihoods for all people, that work in harmony with natural systems, and that support biological and cultural diversity.

Our Strategic Approach

On a national level, NoVo works to promote and support a strong local-first movement by partnering with the Business Alliance for Local Living Economies (BALLE). The BALLE network seeks to catalyze a vision and practice of Local Living Economies (LLE)—connecting consumers with farmers, local investors with local entrepreneurs, and business owners with their employees, neighbors, and eco-systems.

Closer to home, NoVo funds the strategic work of the Local Economies Project (LEP) of the New World Foundation. The LEP’s primary objective is to identify and provide the necessary resources to develop a replicable model for local economic and community development, focusing on regional farmers and agriculture in the Hudson Valley of New York state, and encouraging ongoing efforts to create a truly sustainable regional food system.


Photo: Hawthorne Valley Farm

Hawthorne Valley Farm


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Numerous studies on local economies have shown a multiplier rate of over

3 times

greater impact. Every dollar spent at the local store contributes three times the jobs to the local economy, three times the boost to income, three times the tax benefits.

Annotated list of
studies available at