Ending Violence
Against Girls and Women

NoVo Foundation seeks to end violence against girls and women everywhere. Where girls and women live under the daily threat of violence, there can be no real partnership or collaboration. It is both a cause and a consequence of a world greatly out of balance. We seek a bold response to ending violence against girls and women. Only then will we truly transform society.

Our Strategic Approach

We partner with change agents who take on deep-seated attitudes that lead to violence against girls and women. Together with our partners, we work to empower girls and women in order to balance inequitable relationships between women and men, and challenge powerful institutions and behaviors that perpetuate violence and discrimination. We see boys and men as playing a critical role in ending violence against girls and women, and work to build meaningful partnerships that can help shift social norms.


Move to End Violence and its Movement Makers have come together to stand with the hundreds of thousands in our country and millions around the world to assert that our lives and liberation are connected and inextricable.

BlackLivesMatter: A Call For Inclusive Race and Gender Justice Movements


NoVo in the Media

Philanthropy Takes A Stand In Social Movements

18 Mar, 2016

Rosa Parks refuses to give up her seat on a Montgomery bus. Chinese student activists stand defiantly in front of […]

According to some estimates, women represent


of the world’s poor.

National Women’s
Law Center

Poverty Among Women and Families, 2000 – 2010: Extreme Poverty Reaches Record Levels as Congress Faces Critical Choices, September 2011.