Adolescent Girls

Everywhere in the world, girls face discrimination and exploitation simply because they are young and female. Many girls do not enjoy basic human rights: to be free from violence, to education, to inherit land, to decide when and whether to marry. We invest in girls because they deserve better. When girls are empowered they transform structures of poverty and inequity, and positively impact both their own lives and entire communities.

Our Strategic Approach

NoVo believes that when girls reach their full potential, the balance of power within society is shifted, creating conditions whereby equality and partnership can flourish. We call this The Girl Effect. We listen to girls so we can understand their most critical needs and aspirations, and we make direct investments in girls. We build girls’ capacity to reach their full potential, and work to shift cultural and social norms so that communities and nations positively value girls.


Girls Not Brides

Girls Not Brides: A Global Partnership to End Child Marriage


NoVo in the Media

Minority Women and Girls Are in Dire Straits, So Don’t Focus Solely on Males

7 Aug, 2014

  Renisha McBride, a young black woman from Detroit, knocked on the door of Theodore Wafer seeking help. The 19-year-old had […]

1 in 7

girls in developing countries marry before age 15.

Population Council

“Promoting Healthy, Safe, and Productive Transitions to Adulthood series: Child Marriage/Married Adolescents”