Our mission is to
   foster a transformation

from a world of domination and exploitation
   to one of collaboration and partnership.

We start with one of the most powerful and untapped forces on the planet: girls. Working systemically, we invest in the world's largest under-valued asset by Empowering Adolescent Girls. Their lives will determine our future.

And if we do not address Ending Violence Against Girls and Women, partnership and collaboration simply cannot happen.

In addressing violence and promoting collaboration, we invest in Advancing Social and Emotional Learning to support girls and boys with skills that help them work well together for success in academics and in life.

We further invest to strengthen relationships in communities by Promoting Local Living Economies. We seek to inspire people to re-imagine a world where we live in balance with one another and the ecosystems that sustain us.

We are humbled and honored to be able to contribute to building a world based on peace, compassion, justice and love. This is a big vision. We have a lifetime to do our part.